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    Better Together
    Local Southside Virgina SHRM Membership and SHRM National Membership are the Perfect Combination.
    Learn more about SHRM National membership here


    Southside Virginia SHRM


    Dues cover the cost of each meeting and lunch for in person meetings.

    National member fee is $150.00

    Non National member fee is $200.00

    New for 2024! First Time SHRM National Member Discount - if you are interested in joining or re-joining our chapter AND joining SHRM National for the first time please contact Karen Coleman, Membership Director for discount details before paying. We are offering both memberships for a total of $350.00.  (National dues are $250.00 and local will be $100.00 for 2024)

    Full time student fee is $100.00
    Retired member fee: Free membership, lunch cost is $20.00 per meeting
    Non-profit agency (free membership for 1 representative) lunch cost is $20.00 per meeting


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    Types of Memberships


    Individuals who are engaged in the profession of human resources management and who meet one of the following criteria: 

    Possess at least three (3) years of exempt level human resources management experience.

    Hold an HR certification by SHRM

    Are faculty members holding assistant, associate, or full professional rank in human resources management of any of its special-listed functions at an accredited college or university and have at least three (3) years of experience at this level of teaching.

    Are full-time consultants with at least three (3) years of experience as a practitioner in human resources management.

    Are full time attorneys with at least 3 years experience in counseling and advising clients on matters relating to the human resource professiona.

                             Professional members may vote and hold office in the Society.


    Individuals who are engaged in the profession of human resource management in an exempt position, but do not meet the requirements of Professional Membership.  Members of this hve the right to vote, but may not hold office n the Society.


    Individuals in non-exempt human resource management positions, plus persons who do no meet the qualifications of the other classes of membership, but who are interesred i the field of human resourse management.  Assocate members may not vote or hold office in the society.


    Individuals may be granted student membership provided they meet the criteria as outlined below. They shall have no vote, and may not hold office in the Society.

    i. Student is currently enrolled in a degree-seeking program. Student shall provide proof of enrollment in a college or university to qualify for student membership. ii.

    Student’s coursework, taken or planned, supports an interest in Human Resource Management or a related degree program. iii.

    Students holding any form of a current SHRM Professional, Associate, Retired, Global or General Membership are not eligible to convert to student membership until their next renewal cycle.


    Individuals qualifying as Life Members may, upon approval of the Society, be admitted to Life Membership in the Society in one of the following classes:

    RETIRED LIFE MEMBERS. A Society member who has retired from active fulltime employment and has attained a minimum of ten (10) years of Professional, General, or Special Expertise membership may apply to the Society for Retired Life Membership. Retired Life Members shall be entitled to all privileges of General Menmbers.